Supercharge Your Social Media Content!

Ever wished you had a fairy-god-mother to help you figure out this whole social media thing? Without wasting hours of your day or dancing to random videos? 

Time to break-up with the social media guesswork and get some real results -without selling your soul or firstborn. 


Does this sound like you?

  • Reels? No thank you, I don’t want to dance on Instagram that won’t generate any sales
  • Facebook is dead. Only my mom and her friends are on that platform
  • Pinterest? That’s where I get my recipes from
  • Likes on Instagram don’t count anymore but what does? Just posting random quotes?

Or you've already jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to post a few quotes yourself...

The Problem?

Finding or creating quotes sucked you into the black hole of Canva for 5 hours followed by a mental breakdown because it doesn’t look the way you wanted it. 

Or you never got out of the “research-phase” and are still trying to find a good quote. 

OR you might already be in Phase 2 of your social media mental break down. 

Which means you've posted your quote with full anticipation only to get...

Crickets...Nothing, Nada. 

However, everyone else seems to get it and is ahead of the game and posts on their stories how effortlessly they get new followers AND clients through Instagram.

How would you feel if...

  • You would know exactly what to post (and what NOT) on each platform.
  • You would for the first time actually learn about the different Algorithms and why you should not post certain words on Facebook.
  • You could use all the new features (yes there are more than just Reels) without having to dance (apart from the private happy dance because you finally know what you are doing on social media)
  • I would give you not only high converting templates but also the exact step-by-step explanation on how to create content that gets more than a few likes.
I am NOT here to teach you how to be Insta-famous but how you can use the right social media platforms with the right content to attract your ideal client!

I am sharing with you my exact strategies to create viral social media content AND attracting the RIGHT people. So that you can convert followers to clients and share your services and products in a meaningful way.

Introducing: Viral Content!

Your social media blueprint from your social media fairy godmother!

It's like a social media boot camp without yelling or sweating! 

No time to watch hundreds of different courses?

That's why I have created a course that puts the most important topics together that I have learned over the last ten years. On top of that, you get my templates yep the ones that get your results like this.

What you'll get:

  • Instagram training (Value $57)
  • The secret formula on how to grow your IG account (Value $67)
  • Ready to post Instagram templates for Canva (Value $47)
  • Facebook Training  (Value $57)
  • Facebook Do's & Don'ts (Value $17)
  • Pinterest Training (Value$57)
  • Customer Avatar training (Value$57)
BONUS: Reels Prompts for different niches (Value $47)
BONUS: Conversation starter / prompts for Facebook (Value $47)
BONUS: Ready to use templates for Pinterest (Value $47)
BONUS: Customer Avatar workbook & copywriting hack (Value $47)
BONUS: Pinterest hack that will save you hours per week (Value $47)
BONUS: Must-have tools & apps(Value $27)

Total Value: $564

Today's Price: $111

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What to post, and how to create content that your ideal customer wants to see AND how to please the Instagram Algorithm.


How to get more reach with your organic content and what you should and shouldn't post in order to be successful.


Explode your website traffic with these brand new strategies. Yes, even Pinterest had a major Algorithm update in 2020.

The Secret Sauce

My secret Instagram growth-hack and how to create content that makes people say "it feels like you are in my head".

So, why should you trust me?

  • I’ve been a social media marketer since 2011 – yes, before stories even existed! 
  • I have worked for huge corporate companies and agencies for years before I started as a freelance social media manager myself. All while studying communication at the same time (time-management became my best friend)
  • I’m not “just” a blogger turned freelancer but also a trusted business coach.
  • I’ve helped clients build and scale their businesses to multiple six figures
  • My obsession is teaching others how to make a living with an online business - I have helped hundreds of women quit their job and create their own dream life!
  • Once I want to know something about a topic I learn EVERYTHING that’s why I wrote my Bachelor Thesis about the Facebook Algorithm. 
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The strategies I teach are not only working for me but for hundreds of other clients as well!

I want this!

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